Zuellig Pharma Thailand社、本日のタイFDAの承認を受け、Moderna Covid-19ワクチン140万回分を輸入開始


Zuellig Pharma Thailand, the distributor of Moderna Covid-19 vaccines in Thailand, confirmed today, November 23rd, to import another 1.4 million doses of Moderna vaccines from a US manufacturer to complete a total of 1.9 million doses booked by the government officials and the Thai Private Hospital Associations.

Zuellig Pharma Thailand’s general manager (GM) Sunaina Kitkasetpaisarn revealed to the press that Thailand’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has just approved the import of Moderna vaccines being produced in the United States to Thailand today after they had previously only agreed to import the vaccine from a European manufacturer.

The agreement is to accelerate the local distribution and the injection among those who have already purchased the alternative vaccines, the GM stated.

The Company will gradually import the first lot of 1.4 million doses from the United States around the end of November to the beginning of December before delivering to the Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO) and the Private Hospital Association to complete the bookings of 1.9 million doses within the end of the year.

“The Company has immediately coordinated with Moderna to expedite imports from the United States. This lot is a special allocation by the Moderna company itself for Thailand in order for Thai people to receive the vaccine as soon as possible. Every batch of vaccines shipped to Thailand must go through a quality check before being dispatched from the manufacturer in the country of origin,” Sunaina said.



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