Top local stories in Pattaya and Chonburi from the past week: City reopening to foreign tourists without quarantine officially delayed, Music Festival postponed to November, and more


以下は、私たちの地域、パタヤとチョンブリで過去XNUMX週間のトップローカルストーリーを強調する毎週の特集です。 ストーリーの数は週ごとに異なります。

これらは私たちの編集チームによって選ばれ、キュレーションされており、読者が見逃したかもしれない重要なストーリーをすばやく「キャッチアップ」できるように設計されています。 私たちは毎日多くの記事を公開しており、私たちの地域の重要な出来事や変化を見失いがちです。 別の記事で全国的な要約を行います、 これは、私たちの地域と州でトップの地元の物語にすぎません。

それらは特に重要な順序ではなく、大まかに公開の順序です。 These are from Sunday, September 26th, 2021, to Saturday, October 2nd, 2021. 


1.  Pattaya Mayor confirms delay of city reopening to foreign vaccinated tourists to November

The biggest news of the week, and it is still not “set in stone” if the city will open in November either. More information on this should become available over the next several weeks. It’s also unfortunately not known if Pattaya’s entertainment and nightlife industry, a huge driver of traffic and the economy locally, will be allowed to open in November either, which would be a central government decision.


2.  Pattaya music festival to be moved to November

Originally scheduled for October 23rd, due to ongoing concerns around if the Center for Covid19 Situation Administration (CCSA) will allow it to happen this month and to be available for any foreign vaccinated tourists that visit, if the November plan above is allowed, the music festival has been shifted to November. It is still tentative, pending final approval which likely will not happen until the end of this month.


3.  More than 10 prison guards arrested in Chonburi for alleged corruption

More than 10 prison guards and correctional officers at Chonburi Central Prison were fired after reportedly taking bribes from inmates in exchange for services such as early releases, the Department of Corrections announced last week. The reaction from our readers was not surprised, but angry.

More than 10 prison guards in Chonburi fired for reportedly taking bribes from inmates and other misconduct, Thailand’s Department of Corrections reports

4.  Chonburi Governor officially releases orders granting more Covid-19 restrictions eased

Get caught up on what was eased and is back open in Chonburi and Pattaya here.

Chonburi Governor releases new orders easing restrictions effective from Friday, October 1st

5.  Pattaya Beach vendors state business is improving every weekend

This weekend appears to be no exception as significant traffic and business was seen around town yesterday, October 2nd, as confidence for Thai domestic tourists to travel, especially from Bangkok, continues to increase.

Pattaya beach vendors state business is improving, especially on weekends from domestic tourists

That is all for this week, folks! See you again next week!

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