“E-sports” officially added as a professional sport in Thailand

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The Royal Gazette today, September 21st, published the announcement of the Thai professional sports committee to include “e-sports” as one of the professional sports in Thailand.

Eスポーツとは、エレクトロニック・スポーツの略で、多人数参加型のビデオゲーム競技のうち、個人またはチームで編成されることが多い、プロ選手を中心としたビデオゲームを用いた競技形態のことです。現在、最も人気のあるesportsのゲームには、「League of Legends」、「Counter-Strike:Global Offensive」、「Overwatch」、「Dota 2」、「Call of Duty」などがあります。

As one of the Thai professional sports, E-Sports will now have rights and opportunities to seek assistance and support in various fields from the professional sports committee as well as the “Professional Sports Promotion Fund” of the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT).


Currently, according to the professional sports committee, there are 13 professional sports, namely 1. Football 2. Golf 3. Jet Ski 4. Volleyball 5. Takraw 6. Bowling 7. Motorcycle Racing 8. Bicycle 9. Car Racing 10. Snooker 11. Badminton 12. Tennis. 13. Basketball. E-sports will become the 14th legal professional sport in Thailand.


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