Musicians, singers and prominent nightlife workers propose four measures to help hard-hit nightlife, live music, bar industry to Prime Minister


A group of what was described to the press as “prominent” musicians, singers, and nightlife workers presented a formal proposal to the Thai Prime Minister late this afternoon through his representative, asking for assistance for nightlife workers and musicians.

This follows entertainment venues throughout much of the country closed out of Covid-19 precautions in many provinces across the country, including entertainment hubs Bangkok and Chonburi.

During the first series of Covid-19 related closures last year, The Pattaya News notes that it was groups of musicians and popular Thai bands and singers that managed to convince the government to re-open nightlife venues with Covid-19 rules and restrictions after nearly four months of closure. In Thailand, the vast majority of nightlife workers, including singers and bands, are considered “informal” work and cannot collect social security, generally going from gig to gig or job to job for work.

The airline industry, hotel industry, restaurant industry, tourism industry, and even the massage industry have asked the government for support and now the entertainment industry is joining them. Without powerful lobbyists like some of the other industries, the nightlife industry is driving its message through popular musicians and social media influencers.

The group of nightlife workers and musicians was led by Mr. Skillasin Udomchai who submitted a formal petition to Mr. Suporn Atthawong, Assistant Minister, to deliver to the Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-cha on behalf of the nightlife, bar, entertainment, and music industry. The petition is meant for those in provinces who cannot legally work currently due to entertainment closures, such as Chonburi and Bangkok.

The four proposals are:

1. Government pays 5,000 baht a month per month that the nightlife industry is closed to nightlife workers. (informal or not) The period named was between 1-3 months, depending on the situation with Covid-19.

2. A moratorium of required bank payments on things like cars, motorcycles, housing, rent, etc until they are able to return to work within their field.

3.  Relaxation of paying music licenses for owners (and perhaps overall licenses) for bars, nightclubs, and entertainment venues as a result of the forced closure. (The massage industry is also asking for this, The Pattaya News notes)

4.  For those laid off or let go completely have the government help arrange employment and job solutions for those out of work and match them with available opportunities in their field.

This is at this time just a proposal and the Thai Government has made no comment on if they intend to meet any or all of the proposal.


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